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Connoisseurs Who Appreciate Gourmet Food,
You’re In For A Treat…

Own Your Own Personal Beehive

And Collect Limited Edition, Unblended,

Manuka Honey From New Zealand

Now you can experience this rare and exclusive delight. Enjoy the luxury of your own beehive in New Zealand, regardless of where you live.

If you care about your health, the planet and especially enjoying the finest culinary delights, then you’ll want to know about the world’s only unblended Manuka Honey.

While others may buy their industrialised food from a faceless corporations, but you probably enjoy the pleasure of buying whole food from a real source. You don’t just want the mass produced syrup, you want to know your food was gathered by people who care about the goodness in it.

Join the handful of connoisseurs who will reap the delicious rewards of a personal hive. Rich and pure honey will be collected solely from your one hive, giving it a taste not found anywhere else. This is the only unblended honey.

Your bees will collect Active Manuka Honey which is highly sought after for its unique health-giving properties. The honey is natural and raw, gathered only from pristine and unpolluted native forests.

Own Your Personal Beehive

Adopt your very own Manuka Honey beehive for a year. You’ll experience all the adventure through a private website. At the end of the season you’ll have your own personal harvest of Manuka Honey.

Buy Limited Edition Honey

Get your own taste of our unblended Manuka Honey. The ultimate gourmet honey, with very limited availability. With a high activity rating it’s scientifically proven to be naturally good for you.

Imagine eating luxury honey that was collected from your own personal beehive and sent to you anywhere in the world – honey with pure unblended flavour.

This is healing Active Manuka Honey, chemical free, gathered by your bees from isolated, wild forests in New Zealand.

We’ll provide a private website, DVD, and beautiful photos of your individual hive, so you can show your friends and family the unique story of where your honey comes from. Each beehive is environmentally friendly, providing the funds to sustain two hectares (or five acres) of natural forest.

Join us as we go on a journey to gather the most exclusive honey for you.

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